Wassail story from Radio Program: Living on Earth

We’re right smack in the middle of wassail season.  Twelfth Night (Jan 5) passed last week.  And Old Twelfth Night (Jan 17) comes this Friday.  I’m a bit behind on posts due to moving into a new house, but I will be posting a series of stories about wassail, including links to some guest posts I’ve been working on elsewhere on the web.  First up, I wanted to post a link to a wassail story I heard on the radio program Living on Earth, a weekly environmental news program that airs on my public radio station, and which I listen to fairly regularly and highly recommend.  I was excited to hear something about wassail, and  I’m happy to re-post it here.  Though I must say I’m not a fan of the accent the American storyteller attempts, and her interpretation of wassail is rather different than my own.  But all in all, how great to see wassail out and about in the American media in various interpretations!  The Wassail story, starts at 08:30 on the segment Stories of the Night Sky and an English Wassail (not the full show) and is preceded by another lovely Native American tale.  The whole broadcast is well worth listening to, especially if you are snowed in as I was last weekend.  Enjoy!

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