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I give talks and respond to media questions about the history and folklore of Christmas. While my own research focuses specifically on Wassail and Twelfth Night traditions, I am happy to help you find the sources that will answer your Christmas questions. Below is a bibliography of resources you might find helpful.

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Recommended Bibliography / Sources

This list is not exhaustive! It represents my personal research interests and resources I have found particularly compelling for general audiences, as well as some esoteric books in my personal collections. I update it as I find new sources of interest.

General Christmas + St. Nicolas

Media Articles

“From easily angered gnomes to child-eating giants, European folklore reveals a darker side to Christmas”

“The Surprising History of Christmas Traditions.”

English Heritage. “The History of Father Christmas.”

Books and Journals

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Christmas Trees and Greenery

Media Articles

“History of Christmas Trees | National Christmas Tree Association,”

“Noticing Mushrooms All over Your Christmas Decor This Year? Here’s the Story behind the Surprising Holiday Trend.”

“Not Sure When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree? Use the History of This Ritual as a Guide”

“Jonathan’s Mistletoe Diary.”

Books and Journals

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African American Customs

Media Articles

Karen. “What Is Pinkster?” Historic Hudson Valley (blog), May 9, 2018.

Books and Journals

Dewulf, Jeroen. “Pinkster: An Atlantic Creole Festival in a Dutch-American Context.” The Journal of American Folklore 126, no. 501 (2013): 245–71.

Customs from the British Isles

Media Articles

English Heritage. “The History of Father Christmas.”

BBC. “BBC Radio 4 – The Untold, Darkie Day: Michael and the Mummers.”

Books and Journals

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Customs from Italy

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Customs from the Netherlands

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Nordic and Scandinavian Customs

Stokker, Kathleen. Keeping Christmas: Yuletide Traditions in Norway and the New Land. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2000.

Customs from Ukraine

Tkacz, Virlana, and Wanda Phipps. Still the River Flows: Winter Solstice and Christmas Rituals in a Carpathian Village. New York: Yara Arts Group, n.d.

“Still the River Flows.”

Past Speaking Engagements

“Here We Come Wassailing: Christmas Traditions of Visitation.”Invited Talk (virtual): Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. Fort Collins, CO. December 14, 2021.

“Wassail: Rituals and Festivals of the Orchard” in Ritual and Festival, Department of American Studies, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Invited by Dr. Patricia Sawin. 2021 (virtual lecture)

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