Cider With Maria Blog Posts

  • Wassail: A How-To For New Traditions

    Occasionally people ask me a question like this, “I’d like to do a Wassail. How should I do it? How I can make it relevant to our place?” This year, a friend in the cider world in New York posed this question to me again, and I wanted to share my response for anyone else… Read more

  • Foraged Fruit Project Media Release

    I’m really excited to announce a new project, already in progress! For the full scoop: Media Release – Fruit Foraging in the Cider Industry Research Project August 9, 2022 Contact: Maria Kennedy, Apple foraging among New York’s cider producers has slowly grown from a grassroots practice to become a regionally important phenomenon. Dr.… Read more

  • “The Architecture of Orchards” in Malus

    I’m very excited to have my article, “The Architecture of Orchards” in Issue 14 of Malus, a mighty little publication spreading ideas within the cider industry. You can read my article here. It is available on my publications page as well. I’m especially delighted to see my article in print right next to one by… Read more

  • Did Prohibition Kill Cider? A Malus Myth Investigated

    This article accompanies a panel at 2021 Cider Con called “Malus Busters” chaired by Greg Peck, with Chris Gerling and Doug Miller, devoted to busting some common myths of cider making, cider consumption, and cider history. Prohibition is so often cited as the reason for the death of cider, the beverage of our founding fathers,… Read more

  • Gastropod: The Big Apple Episode

    I’m delighted to share this episode from Gastropod, where I get in a few words alongside personal heroes like Michael Pollan, James Crowden, and others. Take a listen: Read more

  • Beer Sessions Radio: Cider and Land

    Happy to share the mic again with some wonderful colleagues on Jimmy Carbone’s Beer Sessions Radio. I brought a special bottle of Holmer Perry from Ross on Wye Cider that was a huge hit with our conversation crowd. Listen to our conversations about Cider and Land here: Read more