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Wassail: An Unexpected Revival

I was sitting in a pub in East Hackney, London one January night a few years ago trying to convince a young man from Portsmouth that English people did in fact practice the custom of wassail.  “Wassail?” he said.  “I’ve … Continue reading

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Wassail: Some Historical Reports and their Contexts

Have you been dying for some historical sources for the custom of wassail?  Come on, I know you have.  Lucky for you I am the folklorist with the super folklore library collection a mere 30 minute walk from my doorstep.  … Continue reading

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Check out this cool post on Lambswool, forwarded by a cider friend at United States of Cider.  Chock full of historical and literary anecdotes and nice pictures and recipe offered. Also, keep on eye on United States of Cider’s Campaign … Continue reading

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Wassail on Twice Cooked

I’ve written a guest post on Wassail for my friend Adam Zolkover’s great blog Twice Cooked: Cooking, Eating, Politics.  Follow the link below and enjoy:

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Wassail story from Radio Program: Living on Earth

We’re right smack in the middle of wassail season.  Twelfth Night (Jan 5) passed last week.  And Old Twelfth Night (Jan 17) comes this Friday.  I’m a bit behind on posts due to moving into a new house, but I … Continue reading

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