Cider Links

I’m going to start a collection of interesting cider links.  This list is very much in process and will not be all-inclusive.  But keep checking back to see the list grow!

Other Cider Blogs:

Pommel Cyder: Mark Turdo has been drinking and researching (sometimes simultaneously) cider for over twenty years.Starting in October 2012 he began making cider at home, first in the bathroom and then in the kitchen. His focus has been on historic ciders, though he’s willing to make anything that tastes good. Since 2013 he’s written the Pommel Cyder blog, where he shares some of his cider-making experiments and cider history research.

Bill Bradshaw’s blog:
UK based photographer Bill Bradshaw has made it his personal mission to explore and photograph all aspects of cider culture.  His photos are a great artistic and visual insight into places and people the rest of us may not get to see and visit.  A great visual archive, with some great writing as well.  And a super nice guy!

Jonathon Briggs’s Blog:
UK based scientist Jonathon Briggs is an expert on mistletoe and an active supporter of the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival.  His blog on this apple tree parasite has lots of information on mistletoe itself, its conservation, and the economic and cultural issues surrounding this mythical plant.  Jonathon is very knowledgeable about the management issues of traditional orchards.

United States of Cider:
I met one of the writers for this blog at a NY Cider Week event where we both happened to be sitting at the same table. As details of our biographies revealed our cider histories, she asked, “Are you Cider with Maria – I’ve read your blog.” There are no words an obscure blogger loves more, than those which reveal someone, totally unrelated and not in her circle of friends, has read her blog out of pure interest. This rocked my world. I’m going to be keeping up with United States of Cider now too.

Cider Monger:
This blog follows mainly Canadian ciders.  A good one for the North end of North America

Along Came a Cider:
This blog gives detailed tasting reviews from Meredith, based in the Finger Lakes.  A must read for the gastronome.

The Ciderologist:
Gabe Cook is the Ciderologist.  He is lives it.  He breathes it.  He drinks it.  He worked for Bulmers, Westons, and then headed out to New Zealand to see cider and wine in the antipodes, but I had the pleasure to know Gabe from his time working at Broome Farm, home of Ross on Wye Cider and Perry.  There are few who know the industry inside and out, commercial and craft, like Gabe.

Unconventional Stories From a Young Apple Farmer:  Eliza Greenman is an orchardist in southwestern Virgina.  In addition to running her own company, Legacy Fruit Trees, she also managed Foggy Rigde Cider’s orchards.  Eliza takes on the agricultural issues of growing apples as a young millennial with an interest in sustainable farming.  I find her insights really thoughtful.

Eric West, The Cider Guide: The clearing house for information on the cider world.  Need to know the latest? Stop in here!

One thought on “Cider Links

  1. james asbel

    Love your CiderCon report and checked your “About” page. Just wanted to share with you that my own exposure to sidra began with my work as a planning and design researcher/instructor working with the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Cantabria in northern Spain.

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