Fruit in the Forest

87C31FD0-7596-4E5F-8DD6-AB99AEEF494DI’m Happy to post a link to my article in Voices, the Journal of the New York Folklore Society:

The PDF of the article can also be downloaded here: Fruit In the Forest

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Folklore PhD Student. Gardener. Cook. Walker. Tea drinker.
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1 Response to Fruit in the Forest

  1. Peggy Haine says:

    Maria –

    Lovely article! Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, Peggy

    Peggy Haine Marketing Consultant Writer: Food.Drink.Farms.People.Homes Enthusiastic Rotarian, Trumansburg Rotary Club

    Cell: 607.227.6486 Office: 607.387.5171 E-mail:

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